May 11, 2019

The customers you want


Horse drawn carriages are not for everybody.

Different customers make different choices even when they’re buying the same type of product. Some value price, some quality, some location, some get excited by promotions and buzz. You probably make different choices to your partners when you’re in the market too. We all do.

Inside these choices, there’s the idea that there’s some formula you can come up with that somehow will attract all customers. That there’s a perfect combination that will draw them all in.

There isn’t.

The art of going to market isn’t in helping all customers choose your little slice of value. It’s in your configuring your slice of value to conform with the customers you chosen to serve.

It’s your choice. Not theirs.

First choose the customers you want.

Skippy strategy: Choose your customers, focus on the value they’re looking for, they’ll choose you right back.