July 5, 2017

The more you break


When you take on change, when you promote new ideas, when you introduce an alternative view – you expect push back. Even when you’re sorting out the most broken version of business as usual, the status quo has a hold. There’s inertia to every initiative. Drag and drama to the most obvious and necessary directional dodges.

Why? Those people.

The ones who created the current normal. The ones who feel undermined, or defensive, or challenged, or disparaged. The ones scared of looking stupid for past decisions. The ones (fewer than you’d think) who just hate change. And that’s just amongst friends.

Move outside your own circle, challenge the ecosystem, actively sideline competitors or vested interests, dig into the foundations where assumptions are seated. Those people kick back.

The more you break, the bumpier the ride.

However beautiful your idea … expect resistance.



Skippy strategy: Strap in for a bumpy ride.