July 6, 2017

People grow


In a small team you get to know everyone pretty well. You know what they’re up to, what you can rely of them for, what they’re capable of, where their ambitions lie, when they’ll need an arm around the shoulder or a kick in the arse. At least you think you know. And even if you’re not completely on the money you’re right more than you’re wrong and things move forward. So much is management.

But there’s a trap.

Just because you’re comfortable, just because you still need the original role being done, and just because you still have the same person in the role, there’s no reason why the person still fits the role.

People grow.

Their capabilities tomorrow exceed their capabilities yesterday.

They gain new skills and confidence and ambition.

How can you use that new-grown potential?

Skippy strategy: Keep up with your team’s growth.