July 4, 2017

The fourth line


When things go wrong … paying customers want support, internal customers want support, colleagues want support. Everyone wants support.

So what is support?

Traditionally, three kinds: 1st line is about triage and obvious fixes … have you tried this; 2nd line is about getting things working again … swap out a part, update the software, help with the presentation; 3rd line is deeper and more about long term issues … redesigning the part, recutting the code, working through the strategy, remedial sweat on the thought process.

What support means: trusting that whatever you need, whenever you need it, it’s there.

Then there’s the fourth line … built on the idea that we’re in this together. The kind of help that’s thinking about things even when you aren’t, that’s lit with ideas, that’s ahead of the curve, that heads-off problems and clears the path before you get there.

A partnership.

Skippy strategy: What can you do for them when they’re not asking?