November 8, 2022

The next corner


Coordinating all the moving parts in any organisation is an act of will. You have to make it happen. Hoping doesn’t do it. Trusting to luck and all the good intentions doesn’t do it. Briefing the people who ask doesn’t do it. The natural state is independence. Independent people doing their thing, on a good day … in the belief that their thing contributes, in the belief that they how and the when of their doing it is in line with the requirements, in the belief that they’re doing the best they can.

Even when all that is true, even when you have great people doing a brilliant job, independent effort doesn’t do it. Before you even turn the next corner you won’t be all together.

The only way, the ONLY way, is to align the moving parts, actively. Ideally, in one room.

Skippy strategy: Coordinated effort means coordinating the efforts.