January 30, 2023

The tap dance


If it’s us, if we are the ones with the most authority and opportunity to make a difference to our organisation, our team, then where do we start?

We start by stopping the tap dance around all the things we don’t want to deal with because they make us uncomfortable.

We take head-on the definition of what business we’re in – no more hedging around this and that, around all the things we do for money, around the proclivities of the key people involved. We make the choice and then organise. Stopping doing what doesn’t add value to that and starting doing whatever will.

We make a list of all the egg-shell heavy, no-go issues that stop conversations and make people look away. Instead, we talk them through and we look the beasts in the eye.

Then we decide. Then we act.

Skippy strategy: To start, stop the tap dance.