April 25, 2020

The three C’s


One of the truisms of projects is that things don’t get done unless people do them. Breaking that down, you need to know the things, the people, and that they’re doing them.

The things – everyone knows a plan doesn’t survive first contact, but that doesn’t mean don’t plan. It’s the planning that’s useful – covering the bases, working out what things can be worked out – not the plan itself. Do the planning and you get a picture of the things.

The people – who do you have, or can you get access to, that has the capability, capacity and commitment to do the work? You need all three Cs or you’ll get poor work, late work or no work instead.

The doing – with the planning and the three C’s, keep track of progress and keep everyone in the loop. Walk forward together.

Skippy strategy: The things, the people, and a track of forward motion.