August 12, 2021

The valley beyond


In a negotiation, in a team discussion, in a this way? or that way? conversation, in any situation where there are at least two sides of the table, it’s compelling to stick to your line and argue hard. After all, you’ve thought about it, you’ve worked out where you interests lie, you’ve considered the alternatives and you’ve come to a coherent conclusion. If you have all the power in the situation, that’s one way to go.

Another way is to find the middle ground. To balance interests. No one wins and no one totally loses – an no one’s nose is put too far out of joint. It’s a coming together, a compromise.

The third way, probably the most effective way, regardless of power is to integrate interests. To find a route through the mountains where everyone meets in the valley beyond.

Skippy strategy: Look for a route through the mountains.