February 8, 2021

The wasp


It’s the prickly things, the ones we don’t want to deal with, that raise our anxiety, that we know are in the danger area, that we ignore until they sting us. We know what we need to do – to take them seriously, to give them respect, to dig deeper and work out an appropriate and coherent plan of action steps and review points – but we don’t. Maybe because it’s hard and we’re lazy, maybe because it’s complex and we aren’t able to prioritise the time. Either way, the wasp keeps buzzing, we keep flicking it away, away, away and relying on hope rather than judgement that it might just fly away on its own. And most times it solves itself and we give thanks and learn a bad lesson.

If an issue keeps coming back, the issue is you.

Skippy strategy: When the wasp keeps buzzing, don’t just flick it away.