September 22, 2022

Their agenda


When customers talk to you about your product, they’re not talking about your product, they’re talking about what it can do for them, how it will make them feel, how it fits with their personal or commercial agenda. Don’t fall into the trap of talking about your product as a product or specifications. That may be how you think of it. That may be comfortable to you. That may be the place where you feel most confident. But that’s about you, not them, and they care more about what they care about (and that’s not you).

When you talk to investors about your company, same story. Sure, they’ll ask about you, your product, your business model (just like any customer) but they’re really asking whether you fit: their emotions and their agenda.

Skippy strategy: Whether it’s customers, investors, partners, anyone, on their side it’s always more about them than you.