February 25, 2020

This place


This place, where you spend every day fighting the good fight, battling the forces, pushing through barriers, crossing chasms, overcoming the moribund, trashing received but ill-conceived wisdoms. This place, where you move mountings by nudging the needle. This place, where it feels like everything external is pushing against or pulling away. This place.

In this place, it’s easy to focus on all the little things that make life difficult, irritating, negative, or maybe just the details that make life life. The reality of email and meetings and communications and pushing the boulder up the hill.

Hang on though.

This place, where we have enormous opportunity, huge challenges to chase, amazing people to work with, happy and enthusiastic customers. This place, where we’re doing important things that matter to the people we’re doing them with and the people we’re doing them for.

Skippy strategy: Talk about the good things for a change.