October 11, 2021

To work it out


When things go wrong, you clear up the mess and move on.

Part of the mess is always the communications – how it happened, what you’re going to do about it, what you did do about it, the other avenues you tried to get a positive resolution, timescales, contacts, schedules, whatever it takes to look yourself in the mirror and say you did the right thing. 

Part of the moving on is being able to let it go, on both sides of the issue – and this is where the real problems can lie. If one side feels agreived or the other isn’t in a place to apologise, and no one wants to meet anywhere in the middle – you’re in for a cold, hard winter.

Working it out between you starts with the certainty that you want to work it out.

Skippy strategy: After the shock, moving on, ultimately is a choice.