October 12, 2021

Finish or finesse


There comes a point when it’s done. When the thing you wanted to make happen, has happened. The code works, the conveyer moves things from one end of the process to the other, when lights come on and everything works. And yet. It may do what it needs to do but it doesn’t quite do what you’d like it to do, or as well as you’d like it, or the way you imagined when you started the journey.

It’s the difference between done and done well, or finished and finessed.

It’s choice time. Do you kick it over the edge and into use, or do you wait until the polish is shining with lustre? Sometimes, when you’re after the Michelin star, keep polishing. Most times, today is the day, get on with it and keep improving as you go.

Skippy strategy: Develop a bias for finish more than finesse.