December 9, 2021

Too shallow, too deep


It’s easy to skip over the surface of things. A fly-by analysis for the sake of pattern matching, a from-the-hip opinion and then on to the next thing. Never stopping long enough for a considered opinion, nor even to ask anything but the obvious non-stupid questions.

It’s easy to get buried under the surface of things. To dive deep into the rich complexity, elbow deep in the mire, sifting out and sorting. Doing the work with a focus, an attention, and to the exclusion of everything else. Because … because it’s there.

Too shallow, too deep.

Of course, the mid level. Slow and deep enough to understand, fast and shallow enough to add perspective and leverage. Nothing by default – not doing the work, not instant assessment and move. Seeing, slowing, knowing how and where to add value.

Skippy strategy: The alchemy of leadership is in knowing where to apply your leverage.