December 8, 2017

Tricky beards


Everybody complains that everything takes too long.

Everybody. Everything.

Some things take a long time because they’re intrinsically, insolubly, hard. And for those, we all accept life’s reality, disappointing and frustrating and achingly sad as it comes. See ya later.

Some things are tricky. Like balancing the pros and cons, dissolving the data, digging down to the roots and lining up all the little pieces. The trick for tricky situations: communicate. Keep everyone inside the loop. We did this, we tried that, we’re working on those.

Some things grow long beards because they’re allowed to. The people involved actively stall or passively hang about, wasting time and spending whatever good faith they had, frustrating the loop – and risking defectors who find better places and more productive ways to spend their time.

If you’re behind tricky things – communicate.

If you’re responsible for allowing beard-y things – exfoliate.

Skippy strategy: Talk and walk.