June 19, 2016

Write it down

Lean in

There’s something so specific in writing things down that it changes expectations. Without much effort, an idle thought, a hope, a notion can grow legs and start its way to crossing your path.

The hardest part is saying what you want.

Left in your head, scary uncertainties are safely hidden from view, anonymous, raw. Meandering until they’re overwhelmed by every other unfulfilled, unspecific half idea.

Writing them down forces you to know what you’re after. Refining cracks the fear and breaks things into soluble parts.

There’s the definition of the outcome, the plan for making it happen, the people and things you’ll need along the way. Write them down, interact with them. Each idea becomes a thing. Something to do, to deal with, to work towards, to bring forward, to execute.

When you’re not sure what you want … write it down.

Skippy strategy: Write it down. Now make it happen.