January 17, 2020

Your assumptions


If there’s one way to ruin a project, it’s with assumptions.

Assumptions that …

– I know what I’m doing.

– You know what you’re doing.

– When we use that word we use it in the same way and to mean the same thing.

– The resources will be available, that we understand how to use them, and that they’ll do what we … duh! … assume they will.

– The technology exists and is ready for its role in prime time.

– The supplier has what it takes and can get things to us when we need them.

– We can hire the people we need with the skills we need at the time we need them.

– Anything that can go wrong, won’t go wrong.

In any project, it’s safe to assume that almost every assumption will be wrong.

Make them explicit, and replace them – at all speed – with data.

Skippy strategy: Assume your assumptions are wrong.