July 11, 2022

Your own choices


What if we set out our vision? What if we put aside the inch-by-inch day-to-day for a while, the constant email, the righteous demands of customers, the every-little-thing on the to-do list, the relentlessness of doing the doing … and gave ourselves time to think? If we could choose the direction of travel (without getting knocked off course by this and this and this), if we could  just take a few minutes to think, unencumbered mind, about how we’d like this all to turn out … how would it look?

What would happen to the product, what kind of customers would we have, how would the team evolve, what steps would we take and what would we need along the way?

If you don’t take the time, if you don’t make the choice, you have no option but to follow wherever you’re led.

Skippy strategy: Take the time, make your own choices, act.