March 5, 2022

Your own data points


You can fly on instruments. Checking this, checking that, waiting for warnings. Busy being busy, across everything – but never looking out of the window. That’s what the instruments are for, right? Except when the instruments are wrong. Except when the instruments tell a subtle story without ringing any alarm bells. Except when you’re puzzling on one thing, but the bigger story is happening somewhere else. Like when we’re flying into a mountain.

Yes, put the instruments in place, the metrics and the measures. Yes, make sure they’re working and up to date – but also make sure to add data points of your own, from live experience.

Shop your own company. Talk to the customer, and plenty of them. Look under the number to see what drives it. Ask two more questions so they have to wrap the number in a story.

Skippy strategy: Get your own data points, from outside-in.