September 2, 2022

Built for delivery

Green door

If you wan’t to build a team that’s built for delivery, make sure you build a team that’s built ON delivery. A team where team fit includes delivery.

So, if you absolutely want to work with people who are proactive and energetic, who take responsibility and are personable, who share the values and care about outcomes. All that then, and, they have to deliver.

It’s not one thing or the other. It’s not either or both. It’s absolutely, non-negotiably both. It’s team fit and, AND, and delivery.

Which means someone who demonstrates the values but doesn’t deliver – does not fit. And someone who delivers but doesn’t demonstrate the values – does not fit. And someone who is simply lovely to be with but misses every deadline, lets things slide or looks the other way when things need doing – does not fit.

Skippy strategy: All of the non-negotiables, including delivery.