September 1, 2022

On your own


Anyone who tries to bring new things into the world comes up against novel problems. Things they haven’t seen before, things their team haven’t done before, things no one has dealt with before. It’s the definition, the joy and the misery of new things – stuff we don’t know.

However they say it, anyone who cares – inside or outside your team – is asking one of three questions:

– Where are you? And it’s as much about where you’re going and your progress so far as it is about where you are today.

– What’s the problem? Of course there’s a problem, of course you’re struggling, of course there’s a battle of the day. Tell them what it is.

– Can I help? They know things, they know people and they probably like joining dots. They’re willing and able to help. Ask for it.

Skippy strategy: You don’t have to do everything on your own.