August 31, 2022

Choose one


In the beginning there is nothing but opportunity. Opportunities to do this or that, to go here or there, to build for north or south. Problem is, if you organise for every opportunity and travel every road, you end up exactly where you start as you get push-me-pull-you’d around without making progress. Trying for everything pretty much guarantees achieving nothing.

Opportunities are lovely, options are great. But if you fail to choose one and act on that choice, all those starting opportunities – infinite and beautiful as they are – don’t matter much. 

To make progress towards an opportunity you first have to choose one. 

You might not be exactly right in any dimension, you may end up a little east or west via a route that panned out differently, but that first decision will set direction for every fork you come across.

Skippy strategy: Have an opinion and make a choice.