July 30, 2018

Definite no-nos


Hiring someone into a management position, that is, a position that involves management of others, is one of the critical tasks of leadership. There are always more attributes than candidates to consider. With such a complex task, and choosing from a finite pool, it’s easier to make bad choices than wise ones. If your batting average is better than 50% you have the right to feel pretty good about things.

There is one shortcut that helps nudge up your percentage. 

Ask, would I want my son, daughter, husband or favourite niece to be managed by this person?

It won’t find you the best candidate, but it will cut out even the strongest performers who (deep down, you know) are better suited to being soloists. You might have another (perfect) position for them, but not within fifty feet of managing others.

Skippy strategy: Say no to the definite no-nos.