October 24, 2021

Digging a hole


Bringing someone new onto the team is always a risk. Maybe they’re who they say they are, maybe not. Maybe you got a good feel for them during the interview process, maybe not. Maybe their skills are exactly what you expect, maybe not. There are so many ways they might exceed expectations, or disappoint. Their dynamic might work brilliantly in the team, or pull it apart.

So, whenever you can, if at all possible, work with someone before you work with that someone.

With freelancers, it’s easy. Find a small project that brings them into contact with everyone else, and pay attention to how it goes. With full timers it’s harder, but the people you really want on your team, and who want to be there, will find a way. Even two hours digging a hole together, is better than a hope filled punt.

Skippy strategy: Work together before working together.