August 6, 2022

Don’t do that


Way back when, did you ever feel like they didn’t care, like you were a faceless number, like you were contributing but you were’t sure what or that anyone noticed, that it was just a little bit meaningless? The thing that made you feel that way … lack of feedback. Lack of anyone obviously noticing how much effort you put in or value you crated.

Back to now, do you care? Do you show your team, do you give feedback so they know that you see them, you see what they do, you value their efforts, you have an opinion about their contribution? Or maybe you care but you don’t give feedback, you you let them sink.

Teams see, teams appreciate, teams let you know, teams have each other’s back, teams communicate, teams value team members, teams work in the light.

Skippy strategy: Remember those bad teams … don’t do that.