August 5, 2022

Critical but …


Some people on your team deliver value but the value comes with baggage. Maybe the baggage is their attitude, or tardiness, or obduracy over change. Maybe their value is critical but intermittent, maybe they suck energy out of the room and everyone else is turning their back.

There’s no question about the value, but is it worth it if it undermines the team or makes them question why they’re putting so much into the team effort themselves?

Only if they can be turned. Only if the snipe-from-the-sidelines negativity can be converted into take-one-for-the-team positivity. Only if they become easy to deal with and add energy to every room. Only if they bring joy into the game.

Converting them might be easier than finding someone new – if they understand the issue and put effort into changing. Otherwise, the value ain’t worth it.

Skippy strategy: Is the value-add worth the energy-loss?