August 7, 2022

A straight line


It’s a beautiful, clean, nice empty white board. No commitments, no issues, no costs, just the emptiness of possibility. And it stays pure for a while. Clean lines, options, opportunities.

And then the work starts, and it all gets ugly.

The act of creation, of bringing new things into the world, isn’t clean or pretty. It’s the inside of the sausage. It’s full of false starts, and blind alleys, dead in the water ex-possibilities, concepts without proof, and proofs that prove nothing except there’s a bunch more ugliness we still need to work out.

The act of creation is about finding the beauty hidden inside the ugly. You expect the ugly false starts and mis-steps, you embrace the blank looks. It’s not there, it’s nearly there, it’s almost there, almost, almost, no, almost, and then there’s something.

Skippy strategy: It’s never a straight line and you don’t want one anyway.