April 2, 2022

Heads turned


You build a strong team, a committed team, a team that feels and acts like a team, supporting each other, working towards common goals, pushing and pulling as one when the going gets tough.

And that strong team, the one that delivers, catches attention. And those strong players, the one’s who know how to achieve more together than they can on their own, catch attention too. Your attention, certainly. And as a good team player yourself, you make sure credit goes where credit is due and that everyone is appropriately appreciated, in words and deeds.

Some of that attention though, comes from outside. And your team players, for all of their commitment to the team, will have their heads turned by new challenges and exciting offers. You can moan about it, or you can provide challenges and offers of your own.

Skippy strategy: Change, and living with turnover, is life.