April 3, 2022

Wander the halls


Bringing someone new into your team starts way before they turn up for day one.

The matchmaking process means, hopefully, (most times?) that you each know what to expect, at least in general terms. The role that needs playing, the experience they walk through the door with, some understanding of the technical requirement and ability to deliver. All that.

But onboarding is about more than day one. It starts at T minus 30, or 60. It involves invitations to events and communications before they start. It includes introductions and buddying and showing them around. It means finding ways – social, active, work-together ways – to fast-track trust and understanding, of the group and the organisation at large.

You can let them wander the halls, work it out for themself, or take it on yourself, and make their integration as fast as easy as possible.

Skippy strategy: It’s your job to integrate them.