April 4, 2022

Squirrels in the park


Everyone gets excited about the thing they’ve just thought of. You know, the customer is asking about delivery dates when they hit you with a new feature they can’t live without. Your team is head-down working on the plan when someone, somewhere, comes up with an idea/event/distraction that swings everyone off-beam and heading towards the new-new thing. Two hours deep in the spreadsheet and you get inspired by a new way to articulate the thing that you’ve always articulated the other way, and that everyone’s happy with and understands in their bones.

In other words, the grass is greener in almost any other place than the place we know.

What is it? A good idea – seeing it for what it is, eyes wide open – and an active choice, or chasing after squirrels in the park?

Skippy strategy: What is tempting you off course? A new-new delight, or squirrels?