April 5, 2022

Unwillingness to try


 Some things are complicated. Some things are so complicated they take more effort than you’d like to understand and more effort than anyone else would like to explain. Yes, you should strive to simplify, to find the through line of the story, to lead your listener from point A to point Z via all the important waypoints, and yes, it will seem overly complicated at first and that over-complicatedness will be frustrating for everyone involved. OK. Understood. Accepted.

Some things are complicated – and the only way to understand is to work through the complications. To get inside and underneath, to explore and delve, to wash around until things begin to take shape and make sense.

There is an alternative: to not understand, to not explain. To move forward (or not) on the basis of ignorance, lack of effort and unwillingness to try.

Skippy strategy: Work it out, then work on it.