April 6, 2022

The underwhelmers


There are people on your team you talk about more often than everyone else. They’re in two camps: the superstars and the underwhelmers. Truth be told, you barely talk about the superstars either, except in despatches. You actually spend more time than you’d like, and more time than is good for you or the team, talking about those few people who put their head above the parapet by never actually showing above the parapet. The one’s whose performance never meets the grade, let alone the average. The one’s that with whom everyone gets frustrated (even when they’re amazing people that everyone likes).

Let’s assume they have potential. Let’s assume they just don’t know the acceptable standard. Let’s assume they’re willing and able. With assumptions like these: give them help.

Without potential, missing known expectations and either unwilling or unable: help them out.

Skippy strategy: If they underwhelm, it’s on you.