April 1, 2022

Overriding interest


If nobody has an overriding interest in the thing, then it’s a worse than even bet that the thing will be done right, or with care, or to an acceptable standard or on time. You’re relying on luck and an abundance of goodwill.

Alternatively, if someone is in charge – someone who knows they’ll be held accountable – you have a better than even chance that they’ll pay attention, be on top of the detail, bring the talents to the table when required, and nudge the thing along with a view to meeting reasonable expectations.

So who’s in charge of the thing, who is responsible? Is it you, its it them? Do you/they know the what and the when and the why and then how of the thing? Is attention engaged and detail understood. Who is the team? Do they know?

Skippy strategy: Make expectations, details, intentions and responsibilities clear.