June 7, 2018

Orange flag


With no overt or agreed rules for how to run team dynamics, everything sloshes around until it finds a level. The over-promiser, the earnest, the volunteer, the schedule keeper, the keeps-working-on-her-laptoper, the stays-quieter. Some people always get challenged, some subjects never, some sacred cows, some open to ridicule.

Everyone and everything slops into a standard and probably self-protecting operating mode.

Which may work, but now well, and can always be improved with clear behavioural rules that everyone has developed, agreed and signed up to.

Rules that cover laptop use, sure, but mostly rules that cover the nature and level of debate, the way we make decisions, the way we call out lack of follow through, the way we respect the issue and each other.

And then, when something looks like it’s about to slosh in a corner – an orange flag.

Skippy strategy: When the rules are clear, wave the flag.