September 11, 2022

Pointing to this


A problem arises – something you did, or your team, or the product, or the world – and everything (or a little bit of everything) changed and it needs attention. It’s the thrill of the fire fight. Something urgent you can jump into, onto, that will chew through the day and add to your war stories.

How about if you didn’t? How about if you treated it seriously, if you brought your team in on the problem, if you worked on it together, calmly (which doesn’t mean slowly), with everyone contributing (not just you) their ideas (not just yours) and their efforts (without anyone standing in the middle pointing to this and to that and to that) to get the job done? How about if solving problems became a core competence for everyone, together, not just competence at the core?

Skippy strategy: Problem solving as core collective competence, not as fire fight.