September 10, 2022

Picking up


The G of go, the B of bang – you’re off and running at the S of the start of the meeting. This and this and this, picking up where we left off last time, no breath, no muss no fuss, we’re too busy and there’s too much to talk about.

Of course, you’re assuming everyone is on the same P of the page, that they can run at the same pace and have nothing on their mind that’s distracting them whilst they settle in. You’re assuming that context is agreed and change has stagnated since it was, and even if it hasn’t, everyone got the memo and they all absorbed and assimilated and came to the same conclusion as you. And you’re setting up for a poor discussion and weak commitments – but hey, at least we started on time.

Skippy strategy: Five minutes and hellos to set up for attention.