August 10, 2022

Some thrive


Business as usual, standard practice, honing the details. When things are sorted, when you’re focused on production and process and efficiency and effectiveness, the challenge is to do more with the same or a little bit less. It’s a game that’s played at the margin.

At the beginning of things it’s all about the big leaps. There was nothing, then there was something – we make mistakes, waste time and money, dream of progress, fight technologies. The game is about building blocks and major structures.

Not everything is for everybody. Some thrive in the chase for efficiency, some thrill at the act of creation, some need to go slow, some fall asleep when the pace drops, some love uncertainty, some get blocked whilst others are invigorated by risks and unknowns.

Skippy strategy: The team you need today may not be the team you needed (and built) yesterday – do something about that.