August 9, 2022

More and more


Another day, another problem to solve, a team member to talk to, a step to be taken, a boulder to roll, a solution to find, a short cut to be found, a chasm to be leapt, a meeting to have, a breath to be taken, a technology to wrangle, a stick to be moved, a tree to be pulled, a lever to throw, a mountain to climb, a job to be done.

Every day is full. Every day is hard. Looking forward, more and more and more.

Look back.

See the ground you’ve covered. See the progress. 

Everything takes longer than you hoped, is harder than you thought and is as frustrating as it you feared. It’s a long haul. It always is. 

That’s the game – you knew that going in. 

Skippy strategy: See how far you’ve come, strap on your boots and head off for the next pass.