August 11, 2022

Waiting for you


Frustrating. Frustrated. Frust-irritated. Frust-angry. Frust-unbelievable!


Waiting … … … … waiting.



Oh, maybe … no … waiting.

Nobody likes waiting. Sometimes that’s all there is. The question isn’t about how frustrated you are, the question is about what you do whilst you wait.

Good stuff, like keeping people in the loop – making sure whoever needs to know about the frustration isn’t sitting around waiting for you. Creative stuff, like building the next big thing or hiring the next great hire or designing the next elegant solution. Simple stuff, like clearing down your in-box or knocking off your to-do list or touching base with your contact list or reviewing the project with your core team. Thoughtful stuff, like revisiting the whiteboard or planning for the next horizon or thinking through the obstacle course or getting your team ready for the very next step.

Skippy strategy: Waiting doesn’t have to mean hanging around getting frustrated.