August 12, 2022

Clarify some more


Some things are just plain complicated. Many moving parts. Many people in on the decision making. More people amongst those moving parts. Multiple variations and phases and modules and options. Confused is the default position for everyone involved.

The job is to clarify, clarify and clarify some more.

To make the principles clear – we believe this, which means this, so we make choices like this.

To lean on and explain those principles for every principle-based decision – because of this principle, we fork this way and not that.

To document and share the models and plans and diagrams – look, this is where we are and that is where and how we’re going.

To keep everyone in the loop – so they know not only what they’re doing and why, but they know what everyone else is up to and how they intersect.

Skippy strategy: The more complicated, the clearer to make it.