August 13, 2022

Get waylaid


What happens if we get it wrong? What happens if we go through the process, make the best decision we can in the circumstances, and it doesn’t work out? What happens if we miss something? What happens if we do this thing the way we said, but another thing happens somewhere else that means out effort is wasted? What happens if everything works but nobody care?

Worrying about maybe-this and maybe-that gets you nowhere.

Thinking through scenarios is good, planning contingencies is good, gaming out the options is good. What’s not good is getting stuck for the want of a decision. What’s not good is thinking there is a magic, singular, extra piece of data that will prove definitive and make the right decision for you.

What’s not good is spinning in circles as the world turns on its own.

Skippy strategy: Use what-ifs, don’t get waylaid by them.