August 14, 2022

Identikit features


You’ll never stand out in the middle of the bell curve. The middle is where everything is the same, it’s for commodities, it’s the place for interchangeability. To put your product here means choosing not to stand out. It means competing with identikit features for identikit customers who have identikit needs. With no reason to choose you over the others, you’re best bet is being front of mind at the moment of decision … or just plain cheap.

Same goes for people. The middle of the bell curve is wherever almost everyone sits. If you need almost anyone, it doesn’t matter whom you pick. And if you’re the one being picked – for a job, a service, anything – standing in the middle means disappearing in the crowd (and good luck with that as a strategy).

Skippy strategy: The place to stand out, to be actively picked? The edge of the bell curve.

“If every one were cast in the same mould, there would be no such thing as beauty.” Charles Darwin