August 15, 2022

Your role


What is your role? How does it relate to the person in the next seat, and the one over there, or the one on the team chat? What benefit do you deliver to the team, the organisation, this meeting? What about him, or her? How do you each fit into the grand plan? (What is the grand plan?) Where to you interact? How can you make their life easier? How can they make yours?

This isn’t an exercise in navel gazing.

It’s lunch.

Take any of your team away from the specific of their day and ask/answer the questions individually and together.

You’ll learn two things, guaranteed: that neither of you are clear about what the other does (or how you can help), and that the very act of engaging in the conversation makes life better than it was.

Skippy strategy: What is your role and what is theirs?