August 16, 2022

In the data


Not everything is in the data. Not every answer is made explicit. Not every decision can be followed or predicted through incontrovertible evidence. Sometimes, data is a triangulation point, pinned against the direction of the wind and the feelings in your gut. Sometimes.

A lot of times though, an awful lot, most, it is in the data. Or it can be if you choose to build the systems that deliver it and take the time to use it.

Not everyone does. Some, hopefully your competitors, would rather work on smell, or maybe they act on the last thing they heard or whatever they imagine in the tea leaves.

If you choose to look, you can see what, when, how much, how many. You can (almost) see cause and effect. You can use past performance to predict.

And of course you can make better decisions.

Skippy strategy: It’s in the data.