August 17, 2022

Hope, hope, despair


Given a fair wind and a starter for ten, in six months, wouldn’t it be lovely if …

Finish the thought with something conceivable if not obvious, possible if not easy, achievable if only when we all pull together and prioritise to make it happen and you have a few options. 

– Do nothing different than yesterday. Dream a little about how really really lovely it would be, and then get down on yourself as the deadline approaches and you’re still doing nothing different than standard.

– Hope, hope, hope, despair.

– Convince yourself, immediately, there’s no chance, there are too many barriers, Bill or Barbara won’t help, and give up before you start.

– Burst into action, make progress, get stuck, abandon, move on to the next big idea.

– Best bet: get on with it, deal with issues, keep making progress, push through.

If you care, make it happen.

Skippy strategy: Start, continue, finish.