January 4, 2022

Square peg


Coming together as a team is just like putting together anything else. Sometimes it’s easy and you don’t even think about how Tab A fits so beautifully into Slot B. Sometimes it’s like jamming a square peg into a round hole; not happening, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Except, coming together as a team, helping everyone understand and see the value of everyone else on the team, building that ease between Tab A and Slot B … that’s the job of leadership.

When it’s difficult – and it’s always difficult – it’s tempting to ignore the issue, chuck someone under the bus, indulge in la-la happy talk, or rely on wishing the problem away. The temptations work, sometimes, but only at the cost of wasted time and angst. The faster-smarter way … like any other issue … is to put it on the table and work the problem, together.

Skippy strategy: Building teams isn’t passive.