January 3, 2022



For someone who’s even a little decision-averse, it can be irresistibly tempting to kick things down the road awhile. A little more data would be useful, bring another voice to the table, let’s just think on this for a while, we’re too busy to give this our full attention so let’s park it for another quarter. It does no harm, right, and who wouldn’t want to wait a while if it means we find a better position?

The problem, of course, is all that hanging around. All that waiting and waiting with everything sitting in a holding pattern not knowing where they’re landing, of even if they’ll land at all. So they keep options open, when means all the options have to keep their own options open too. And everyone’s guessing when.

And … spoiler … none of this is a guarantee of a better decision.

Skippy strategy: Make the damn decision.