February 8, 2022

The naysayers


Aside from those managers who purposely hire people they know to be underwhelming and weak in critical areas – probably because the managers what to appear to be better than everyone around them – we don’t really like being surrounded by the incompetent, unmotivated, skill-free, complainers who suck energy out of every conversation. 

So, if we don’t want them around (and we don’t)… why do we keep them around? Even one? Why do we continue to put up with them turning up late, unprepared and as idea free zones? Why do we let them sit in the corner adding little-to-no value whilst using resources and slowing the rest of us down? Why do we make allowances for their unproductiveness, their naysaying or their eye-rolling whenever anyone tries to move the stick?

If you can’t think of a good answer, do what needs to be done.

Skippy strategy: Don’t let the wrong people stay.