August 24, 2023

Then the magic


In growth, it’s a pretty strong bet that you’ll find it really really really really hard to find the people you want to hire – or at least, the people who fit exactly into the hole you have now and the hole it will grow into when things go well.

On the hit list … two kinds of experience. The kind that’s taught them about the domain you’re working in (unless you actively want a square peg or some radical thinking), and the kind that comes from the stage you’re working at (so they’ll understand the discipline, or lack of it, that comes with your kind of maturity). A little of one, a little more of the other – mix to taste.

And then the magic … attitude.

In growth … an expansive mindset, open to the new, curious and dextrous, and the discipline of follow through.

Skippy strategy: Attitude over experience (almost always).