September 25, 2022

Training and trust


Hiring a new person for the team, where no one did that job before, means more than offloading responsibilities. It means being clear about the purpose of the job, the outcomes and behaviours you expect, the process for getting things done, the standards of performance that are acceptable, and how the communications are going to work with other members of the team – even if that’s just you.

That’s a lot, and if it’s your first hire, it’s an awful lot of unfamiliar territory. No wonder you’re nervous about taking it on, and isn’t it easier just to keep on muddling through, without having to worry about training and trust too?

If moving forward means building the team, build it you must. Go slow, hire carefully. If in doubt, don’t. Hire for values, attitude, work ethic … and only then for skills and experience.

Skippy strategy: To grow well, hire carefully.